Wired 2

I lost myself within you
And then you went away
Now I wander searching
For that time so right
That moment divine
When I am found again

Love me I love you
Love me from the inside out
From the soul to the mind
To the body
To the final word or wish
The truth in you in me

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The search 1:1

I’ve lost my muse
I’ve lost my inspiration
My days are silent
My dreams are black
And empty

Strange to think
How one can affect another
So deeply
And now I am changed

Visions go round and round
I do everything to forget that I am
And soon I do fade
Into darkness

Searching grasping and so in need
Consumed by this black emptiness
Searching for some sign or light
And then suddenly I realize it is me

I am the light in the darkness
I am consumed by its peace
I am what’s found in the emptiness
Maybe something is searching for me

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Slow dawn 1

I thought I would know just what to do
I thought it easy as long as I’m true
I thought just to persist through the darkness till light
But there is no sign of morning
I’m grasping in darkness and
Blind is my sight

I was so sure of the naturalness
As I sat in the waters edge
Washing away my fears
But instead of release
They turned to shine and be clean
Now in full grandeur able to mock my heart and torment my mind

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I am alone?
I feel like I am with you
Within you and you within me
When I close my eyes
All else melts away
I hear you voice
Feel you as if right there

Your voice
Whisper to me
Call to me
I dare not open my eyes

Over time it grows stronger
What is the price I have paid
To know the truth in this
To know everything but hold nothing

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Letters in the park

I used to write you love letters
And leave them in the park
Little wishes left for you to find
A little voice inside your heart

I’ve written to you
Over and over
All my fears and secrets
My desires, who I am

I used to take the letters
And leave them in the park
Under rocks or inside bushes
A place to hide away

Now they are left unwritten
Once the words are spoken
The clocks moves ever quickly to that hour
Will the spell be broken?

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Many meanings of 💜

In my perfect world
Time would turn away
Scenes would fade and change
And maybe it would be a little easier
To find you
Maybe I would be a little closer
To knowing what to do

But time is permanent
In its grasp I’m caught
I can’t turn back or pause
Or hold still on the picture of you
I want to
Want to be in the place that’s with you
To have your hands to hold onto

“One day,” you said
“we’ll look back on this and laugh”
I believe that just one day
Would be all that i could ask
If that one day would be
forever with you
Lost inside the dream
That our hearts are beating to

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All at once

To say you believe in love
Is like to say you believe in magic,
It is to believe there is something more
Something hidden and beautiful
That is waiting for us
Once we find the key

To say you believe in love
Is like to say you believe in magic,
But our love is not a spell or incantation
My heart is not a butterfly wing
And your voice not powdered diamond
But there is a force nature
that draws our spirits
already intertwined
Closer together

Is the nature of things truly magic,
Is it all spirit and energy
forcing its way free
from the confines
we have created for it?

I take each word you speak to me
They are like shrouds of mysterious destiny
I take all the things you say
And weave them together
Into a cover to keep me safe and warm

All at once
It is true over and over
All the idols come crashing down
I am lost inside you
And you inside me
we find each other there
The distance becomes like
A breeze passing by
And we hear a melody in the silence

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The silence it speaks to me
Tells me of what’s to be
Dreams that are laying in wait

I hear the laughter of dance
And of joyful things
The crying of children in vain

All I want is for time to pass over me
Leaving these memories
Like water over falls

All I need is to know that you’re there for me
And the silence will break
At the end of it all

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Awaking the dream

I want you to sleep softly my love
And know that I am there with you
For your heart is my dream
And I feel every beat
As it is the rhythm for the wild chant of our love

I want you to dream deeply of me
And know that I am there with you
For my love rides on the wind
And gently kisses your face as you sleep

I want you
The dream that we share each night is real
There is nothing that will keep us apart
There is a point that has yet to come
But begins to awaken each night as we dream

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Don’t wake my heart

Three words
They are simple and true

A song,
a novel,
Fine marble statues
Murals on city blocks,
Gardens planted with towering trees
Worlds created and brought into being
Towers that touch the sky
Paintings made of the purest beauty

It doesn’t take all of this to show you
None of it means anything

My tears
My pain
My longing
My desire

All for what
So I can mourn the distance and the separation
When all have
Is the need to speak

To say three words
Simple and true

I love you

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