Pieces of a broken girl 1

I woke up with words in my mind
Telling the story of us
Of the distance between us
Of the love that carries over it
But when I opened my eyes
It all was lost

And like in reality
I held onto a fragment
Of something that once was whole
And divine

It was there I looked out
From my lonely tower window
And ran down the the image
That I conjure of you every night

In my dreams we dance
And you whisper to me
Things I once heard you say
the moonlight caresses our embrace

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What morning brings

Why are you the first thing that I think of
After dreaming of you all night?
Days don’t go by any quicker
When you’re trapped inside my mind
At least you’re there to play with me
To laugh and count the stars
It’s when I turn to look at you
You fade into the dark

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This time will mean nothing
Once it’s all over
Once the chords of
Our beings intertwine

I won’t use words there
To tell you I love you
Just the sound of my heat beat
And your lips to mine

Time is the fool
That dances with love
Breathlessly, endlessly
As they watch from above

They laugh at the heartache
And they cry for the pain
For they know the deepness
That can’t be restrained

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I don’t

So …
A poem
For my wine glass
the song thats playing
The wind that blows
And for you

I don’t need you…
I need my best friend
I don’t need love
I need knowing
I don’t colors
I need to close my eyes
I don’t need comfort
I need silence
I don’t need touch
I need a look
I don’t need light
I need the night
I don’t need anything
But you

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The conjuration fades

Forget the stars
The moon is full
I’ll wish on that
It’s big enough to capture all I want
Its close enough to hear my voice

I cry out
I hold back
I run forward
I lay down

What is the fate that mocks me
And curses my heart?

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It’s like something

It’s like a dream I had
Something I want to hold onto so tight
But the moment I stop to think or
Try to reach out
All of it falls far away

I’m not waiting for the morning
I’m not waiting for the night
I’m not lost in all the darkness
I’m not blinded by the light

It’s like something I once knew
In a dream of what’s to come
It’s like the sound I once heard calling
It is love

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I want to share this moment with you
As the sun pulls down her veil
Dancing softly with the colors
the day will leave behind
She evokes wings to flight
And the winds to calm
A momentary bliss
Where sun and shade will meet as one
With a momentary kiss

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Loves spell

My light is life
he is the one sleeping in me
There until the end

I craft the dream
Give it life to breathe
And the heart that beats inside of me

Under lock and spellbound key
Swirling words that reach for freedom
Laughing is my love and keeps me safe with his sorcery

Unkind twist of fate, separate me, turn me around and bring me back again

Life without light,
the darkness that hides
True to the truth
The taste of the fruit
Both bitter and sweet

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Am I just a ghost to you
An image in the dusk
That fades away
Quickly gone
from what once was day

Do you stare at the moon
And think of me
Know I’m somewhere crying out ive lost what I need

When I’m standing on
The rocky edge
Looking down on a bright sky
I call your name
Not once but twice
Far away do you feel the same?
Or am I just a ghost?

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Can I tear through this world
And reach the other side
I’ll sit there waiting for you

Sometimes it works
and I dream you so clear
But it’s nothing but a moment gone by

Silently waiting
Subdued and unclear
Waiting for sign after sign

Sometimes I call out
I cry out in fear
and my love runs to sleep inside you

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